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Approach: Whether you’re an experienced agent or a new agent looking for a start, ABD may be the right opportunity. As an independent agent, you have access to a good cross section of products from A-rated insurance carriers, sufficient to address virtually every segment of the industry. You have access to products specifically designed to address the needs of price sensitive clients to leading edge capabilities for clients with unique needs. In fact, several of our products have overlapping features, giving the client competitive choices and greater satisfaction. This inherent product redundancy and unique industry leading features affords our agents the choice to address the broader market or to focus narrowly on a few client segments and product types.

However, the other characteristic that makes ABD agents unique is our client approach. Driven by our mantra: Asset Protection + Asset Growth = The Future, leads to a more comprehensive solution. Clients recognize that our agent plays a unique role in the overall value proposition.

Access: Our market – Small Businesses and Middle Class Families is the market we serve. It’s large, diverse and often underserved. Yet the number one concern for many agents is how to gain access to this enormous market. We believe a little bit of a number of things work and we train our agents how. From high quality leads to mass market direct mail – the bottom line – we show how to add 100s of new customers to your client data base annually.

An agent’s success is determined by an ability to get off to a good start. Equally important is the choice to define your own career path. This is what we do at ABD, providing the platform for you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Payoff: Here are some of the items our agents list as rewarding:

  • One-on-One training as well as independent study – a virtually 24 hour class room
  • Opportunity to make a six figure income
  • Bonuses, Trips, Awards, Promotions
  • To be a successful business owner, building my own agency – living the American Dream
  • Leads, client access, proven prospecting techniques
  • Growing client data base
  • Not just selling to clients, but guiding them wisely as they make investment and asset protection choices
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