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Life Insurance – Term, 
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Families: At ABD Financial Services, we believe your future is defined by the choices you make today. And there is no one more important to that future than your family.
In fact we believe your family is an asset worthy of protection. And the way to protect your family's assets is through Life Insurance. But protection of your family with Houston life insurance is one element of the equation for the future. Growth of your investment assets is equally important to cover college expenses, retirement, emergencies funds, vacations, or the purchase of your dream home.
At ABD Financial Services
Our Mantra is: Asset Protection + Asset Growth = The Future
  • Do you have 5 to 20 times your annual income in Life Insurance coverage to replace your income stream in the event you die? Get a Quote to see how much is required to protect your family’s security.
  • Can your family continue to afford the mortgage payment if you die? See what it costs to obtain Mortgage Protection Insurance.
  • A large number of mortgage foreclosures occur because one of the income earners gets hurt and can’t work. Do you have sufficient disability Income Insurance?
  • Do you have sufficient life insurance to cover the kids’ college funding in the event you die?
Small Business: Small Businesses also need asset protection and asset growth. So at ABD we have a number of solutions for the protection of key employees, or all employees, the Boss, Partners, and business transfer protection. And we support a number of investment solutions: Tax Free Retirement, Investment Planning, Executive and Employee Bonuses and Deferred Compensation. More Information
  • Want to avoid leaving your family large business debt and loss of income if you die? Let us help in addressing that issue
  • Do you have a retirement plan? Is it Tax Free? Let us give you some ideas how.
  • If one of your partners’ die, will the family of the deceased step in to help you run the business? A family member with good intentions but no knowledge of the business.

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Investments: When you invest your hard earned money you expect a reasonable return. You expect those who advise you to be knowledgeable, professional with a track record of performance. You expect relevant, current information enabling wise investment choices. You expect to gain a broad view of the possibilities as well as an in-depth understanding of the critical few. As a customer – these are reasonable expectations. At ABD it’s our Mission Statement.

  • Looking to roll-over your 401(k)? We can help.
  • Is your 401(k) your only retirement plan? Does its performance meet your expectations? Would you like to see some alternatives?
  • Do you know about Tax Free Retirement plans?
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Careers: Today, clients demand choices – whether its life insurance in Houston, TX or investment products, clients want to see the range of possibilities. Unlike a captive agent who can only present the product of a single company, the non-captive, independent agent can present to their clients a cross section of products from different companies, thereby giving the client competitive choices. Agents associated with ABD are indeed independent. Join Now
As an agent associate, your product portfolio ranges from low cost, competitively priced arrangements to high quality, cutting edge solutions, with exceptional benefits.

Getting access to a steady stream of clients is also important. Through our partners, we have access to high quality lead systems. Agents who work the system can add over a 100 new clients annually to their customer base, leading to additional sales and referrals.
Houston Life Insurance
Life Insurance in Houston, TX
Life Insurance in Houston, Texas
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